AURS & SEKA kicks off the 2015 Season with the Music City Ice Breaker

FB(032115)Amped Up Racing Series & SEKA kicks off the 2015 Season with the Music City Ice Breaker

Introducing two new classes this season the LO206 Oval and Champs.


Asphalt 1/4 Mile Oval & Road Course Racing..

March. 20th Practice Day
2:30 pm —- Gates Open
3:00 pm – 6:30pm Practice

March. 21st Race Day Schedule
8:00 am ——– Gates Open, Registration, Safety Tech
8:45 am ——– Drivers Meeting
9:00 am ——– Practice by Class (2 rounds)
10:15 pm ——– 30 Minute Break
11:45 pm ——– Power Wheel Races
12:00 pm ——– Heat Races
2:30 pm ——– Feature Races


Road Course Classes
1. Kid Kart
2. LO206 Raptor spec (rentals available from Kart Warehouse)
3. LO206 Senior
4. Shifter
5. LO206 Jr. Sportsman
6. LO206 Jr. Pro
7. Yamaha Jr. Sportsman

Oval Classes
1. Clone Pro Maxxis EL
2. Clone Pro Medium
3. Clone Pro Heavy
4. Clone Jr
5. Pro Mix
6. Champ (NEW CLASS)
7. LO206 (NEW CLASS)
8. Outlaw

*See the website soon for updated weights and rules.

Effective Immediately : Road Course Jr. Rules.

* LO206/Clone Jr. Sportsman
LO206 with Green Slide
Clone with .500 purple plate
Both 240lbs. Open Shoe/Drum
Clutch. Open 5″ Tires, age 9-14

* LO206/Clone Jr. Pro
LO206 with black .575 plate
Clone with blue .550 plate
Both 275lbs. Open Shoe/Drum
Clutch. Open 5″ Tires, age 9-14

* This is as even as We can get these motors after dyno testing. We will adjust weights if We have too if one motor clearly has an advantage over the other on the track.
* Remember this is a transition year to phase the clone motor out and go to the LO206 exclusively.

Additional Classes
Additional classes can be added at anytime. Please email your request to (there is a 5 kart minimum for new classes) If you want to race and there isn’t a class for you, we will combined you with the closest class to yours. Will add a feature race if 5 or more karts.

Entry Fees
Road Course Classes are $40 entry
1/4 Oval $35 entry

* Classes are trophy class
** NO Refund after practice begins.

Pit Passes
$10 Non-Driver $30 DRIVER

$10 Non-Driver
$15 Drivers (Includes Insurance)

Pre Entry Forms can be found at

Don’t have a kart but you want to kart race. Well we have a rental class just for you. We have 6 LO206 Road Course Karts built
Karts will be available all season for $300 per race. Contact Ben at Kart Warehouse USA ask them for the details. 615.818.0663

Track Location
TN State Fairgrounds Nashville Speedway
625 Smith Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

To Enter Track from Nolensville Rd. Turn onto Craighead St. We will be using the gate to enter that is directly behind the tunnel. You may begin to start coming into back lot at 9:30am.. Gates will open at 10:30am

For more info on payouts and other info please visit our website or
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info e-mail or call (615) 200-RACE (7223)

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