New Faces celebrate victory at the Fall Classic

New Faces celebrate victory at the Fall Classic

Photo by Ryan Sims
Photo by Ryan Sims

The cooler temperatures could not detour the true racers from the Nashville Fairgrounds last Saturday for the second to last race of the year. There were some intense points battles underway and all the races were double pointers. The day started off with Kid Karts, where Walked Porter made a mid-race pass on Courtney Curran to get the win and extend his points lead. Curran finished 2nd followed by Austin Ulish and Luke Scott.

The Clone Jr.Sportsman class got underway with Ty Porter, Kevin Lanyi, Clay Thompson and Ryan Chance. Porter got the jump on the feild, Lanyi got into turn 2 a little too hot and got sideways loosing a lot of ground to the rest of the pack. On lap 3, Porter spun in the tire turn giving the lead to Thompson, who was now followed closely by Lanyi. Lap 5 saw Lanyi pass Thompson and lead the rest of the race to cut into Porter’s points lead making the upcoming Nov. 22nd race a deciding race for the Championship.
The Clone Jr. Pro class had 2 new entries from Mississippi join the feild with Braxton and Bowen Carlock coming to race with SEKA regulars, Elijah Skaggs, Max Porter and Denny Freeston. They put on a good race with Skaggs able to pull out the win followed by Braxton Carlock, Porter, Freeston and Bowen Carlock.

Photo by Ryan Sims

The Shifter race was up next. Ned Freeston dominated the heat race but was unable to start the feature due to engine problems. Kerry Graham lead early but all eyes were on Chad Lee who had just been cleared to race again after his flip in the September race. Chad showed up at the track with severe shoulder pain and was planning to just start and park for points but his adrenalin got to pumping and He got closer and closer to Graham’s bumper lap after lap. On lap 10, Lee made his move on the front straight away and held on to get the win followed by Graham and Cory Emick.

Photo by Ryan Sims

The LO206 class was up next with 18 karts starting the race. Jake Bustos was on the pole after winning the heat and got the jump on the feild followed by Steven Kilsdonk, Jerry Langston and Noah Scott. By lap 4, Kilsdonk had overtaken Bustos while Joseph Skaggs had made his way to 5th from 18th. Points leader, Zane Lockwood was also on the move coming through the pack from 13th to 8th. Skaggs got to 2nd by the halfway point and set his sights on Kilsdonk. Shawn Harding drove a great race passing Bustos and moving into 3rd. Kilsdonk went on to get the win, his 3rd in a row followed by Skaggs, Harding, Bustos and Tony Wilson.

Yamaha Jr
Photo by Ryan Sims

Yamaha Jr. Sportsman was up next with newcomer, Ryan Deltor from Alabama, making his first trip to Nashville Speedway and getting in the win column with his #58 Praga entry. Elijah Skaggs was 2nd with Max and Ty Porter rounding out the top 4.
Next up was the 1/4 mile oval races with #22 Blake Owenby winning Clone Medium to wrap up the 2014 points championship. 2nd place was #15 Bret Miles and 3rd was #33 Curtis Dockery.
Clone Heavy was next with the #93 of Kevin Rollins winning followed by #33 Jeremy Payton and #15 Greg Brandon.
Noah Scott added another win to increase his lead on the SEKA/AURS All-Time wins list in Clone Jr. Oval with Morgan Harbin finishing 2nd.

Clone Heavy
Photo by Ryan Sims

Brent Hughes won the Outlaw class followed by Charles Adams and Jayme Parish.
4-cycle Pro Mix was the biggest oval class of the day with 9 entries. There were multiple lead changes until the midway point when Kevin Rollins found his groove and began to drive away. Points leader, Kyle Smithson had settled into second with first time SEKA/AURS racer, Justin Maxwell in 3rd. Rollins took the white flag and entered turn one for the last time when his chain broke and he lost all power. Smithson passed Rollins in turn three to get the win. Maxwell finish second and Nate Donchex finished third. Rollins still finished fourth coasting around the track the entire last lap.

We want to thank all participants for coming out and racing November 8th and hopefully everyone is making plans for the last race of the season November 22nd and the banquet at Music City indoor karting Sunday night December 7th.


For photos from the Nov 8th event click here.



PRO CLONE OPEN MEDIUM 1. Blake Ownby #22 2. Bret Miles #15 3. Curtis Dockery #3 4. Justin Shanes #00

PRO CLONE OPEN HEAVY 1. Kevin Rollins #93 2. Jeremy Payton #33 3. Greg Brandon #15 4. Derrick Chenault #39 5. Peter Buie #29

CLONE JR. OVAL 1. Noah Scott #18 2. Morgan Harbin #12

OUTLAW 1. Brent Hughes #51 2. Charles Adams #99 3. Jayme Parish #31 4. Justin Shanes #24

PRO MIX 1. Kyle Smithson #27 2. Justin Maxwell #20 3. Nate Donchex #15 4. Kevin Rollins #93 5. Ross Bagwell #22 6. Scotty Brandon #17 7. James Wade #9 8. Marc Deist #42


KID KART 1. Walker Porter #10 2. Courtney Curran #54 3. Austin Ulish #3 4. Luke Scott #5

LO206 1. Steven Kilsdonk #51 2. Joseph Skaggs #7 3. Shawn Harding #14 4. Jake Bustos #4 5. Tony Wilson #0 6. Turner Beiser #89 7. Noah Scott #17 8. Zane Lockwood #27 9. Brian Mead #13 10. Brent Harbin #5 11. Morgan Harbin #7 12. Mike Annis #8 13. Jon Damratoski #117 14. Jerry Langston #3 15. John Brock

SHIFTER 1. Chad Lee #28 2. Kerry Graham #47 3. Cory Emick #18 4. Preston Quirk #73 5. Chris Parrish #128 6. Miles Quirk #95 7. Richard Basham #24 8. Jayme Parrish #31

CLONE JR. SPORTSMAN 1. Kevin Lanyi #83 2. Ty Porter #2 3. Clay Thompson #969 4. Ryan Chance #40

CLONE JR. PRO 1. Elijah Skaggs #1 2. Braxton Carlock #8 3. Max Porter #7 4. Denny Freeston #2 5. Bowen Carlock #5

YAMAHA JR. SPORTSMAN 1. Ryan Detlor #58 2. Elijah Skaggs #1 3. Max Porter #7 4. Ty Porter #2

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