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    You are probable one of those people that love to make an easy way out. You love to cut on cost especially when it comes to finding the cheapest form of transport. Apart from healthy eating, you have taken cycling as your favorite part of exercising. You have made it upon yourself to save up some money so that you can get the best at the right time. You also need to realize that bicycles also require certain accessories as listed below:

    What you need
    As you pedal, you muscles will feel strained thus you will start sweating. Of course, you need to replace the lost water using water. By filling a water bottle with drinking water and placing it on the bottle holder, you are doing yourself great justice. Always ensure that it is accessible to you so that you do not have to feel inconvenienced.

    Most probably, you may be forced to ride over the sidewalks. Obviously, you will be sharing it with pedestrians. You need to warn them that you are coming their way using bells and horns. Ensure that it is audible enough so that you do not end up knocking anyone.

    You have no choice in this one. You need a helmet to protect your head from injury. The laws may not be very strict on it. However, it does not hurt if you put one on plus a reflector jacket. Each riding style, whether downhill or mountain biking, has a specific helmet designed for it. Reflector jackets are also appropriate when you are using a busy road. It enables other road users to see you even in darkness.
    A Copenhagen bike is so special that you do not need to keep it lubricated all the time. Lubes and grease will help you to keep the chains well-greased all the time. It would be quite devastating for you to run around town and realize that you cannot go about your journey simply because the chains have no grease.
    A basic repair kit is important in helping you to solve problems related to punctures. You needs a puncture kit, tire levers, spare tube and multi-tool for making readjustments. You need a suitable bag to store all these stuff so that you can use them at one point. In so doing, you will be able solve any problem at any place.

    Mirrorsare very important especially if you are cycling in busy town. It will help you to see oncoming vehicles that are directly behind you. They can easily be clipped onto the handlebars for easier access. Always ensure that you place it in a good angle so that you can us it well.

    The scorching sunlight may be a sign of good weather. However, it is damaging to your eyes especially if you need to cycle for long. You need special sunglasses that will protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays from the sun. Ensure that you get ones that are meant for cycling since they already have special characteristics.
    This is one of your most prized possessions and you have every right to take good care of it. By investing in a good lock, you are guaranteeing the safety of your bike. Be sure not to lose the key since these locks are quite expensive and you could be left stranded.

    Other accessories include; lights, packs and bags. The lights will enable you to see your way even in darkness. It also allows other road users to see you as you are approaching the road. It also helps to indicate to others on the direction you are using. A rucksack or a bag is also important in storing important items that you may require ass you are riding your bike. As long as you follow all the rules and regulations that pertains to cycling, then you can look forward to an unforgettable adventure.

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